Changelog Android 11

• Switch to AOSP WFD
• Fixed scrcpy can’t connect
• Added option to turn on/off notification light while charging
• Disable performance option/slider on Gaming Mode (not getting satisfying result after some testing)
• Upstream Extended kernel to 4.4.283
• And some underhood optimization

• Notes :
• Old cam build.
• Use OrangeFox Recovery R11 by orges or latest Pitchblack/Twrp.
• Use only magisk 23.0 and upward if available, else you will get safetynet API error message.
• WFD might be difficult to connect with certain kernel.
• Make sure to turn off blur to reduce jitter in status bar while doing gaming/screen recording or to improve system animation fluidness.
• If you want to use magisk, don’t forget to turn on magiskhide to make safetynet passed.
• For gapps, recommended to use Nik or Flame, just don’t install the full variant for Nik.
• Use NikGapps build 3 July and later, as it is already fixed the backup script (so you won’t need to reflash gapps everytime upgrade build)
• Also please, don’t install gapps which has packageinstaller like opengapps to avoid problem when uninstalling apps, like uninstall failed or force closed.
• Don’t install Nikgapps pixel launcher addons as it causing black screen, just install Flame Pixel Launcher or Pixel Launcher Magisk Module or MrSluffy ones instead if you want.
• LDAC codec is not working on QTI Bluetooth because hardware limitation, just enable “Disable Bluetooth A2DP hardware offload” in developer option if you’re using headphone/iem/anything with LDAC codec.
• Facing some package installer force closing? Might be worth to clear defaults/uninstall Termux, or ES File Manager, as they’re having file handler that unfortunately ‘steal’ the default for package installer.
• You have already read notes until this point? great, then you’re making top of 90% people who still asking why this or that feature doesn’t working properly 👏.

Changelog Android 10

• Upstream Extended EAS kernel to 4.4.281
• Performance and stability improvements

Notes :
• OldCam build
• Turn off image stabilization on video recording settings if you can’t record video or facing camera error on video mode.
• Yes, I know about the square camera mode bug, but since A10 already entering LTS, so I might be fixing it later since my focus is to A11 fully.

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