Changelog Android 11

• 2nd Rhun released
• Sync with latest source side changes
• Switch back to old Brightness configuration
• Allow all filesystem type for Adoptable Storage
• Avoid lag while Screen Recording
• Limit Screen Recorder’s framerate to 60 FPS
• Switch to common AIDL Power HAL (Thanks to Dhina17)
• Build AIDL Power HAL stats
• Rewrite Light HAL based on our LED driver
• Fix Light HAL segfault in setLight function
• Drop unnecessary Light HAL handled variable in setLight function
• Move light HAL to system background
• Add Interface definition to default Light HAL
• Add ‘vendor.’ prefix to Light HAL service name
• Use pragma once directive for Light HAL
• Properly scale Light HAL brightness range
• Avoid Light HAL uint32_t underflow
• Address Light HAL SELinux denial

• Notes :
• Clean Flash recommended
• Vanilla release, GApps not include
• Recommended to use FlameGApps basic
• Needed Firmware from MIUI (China) / (Global)
• CTS/SafetyNet passed without root
• Banking apps working

Changelog Android 10

• Fixed CTS/SafetyNet, now passed without root
• Update blobs from daisy-user 10 QKQ1.191002.002.V11.0.19.0.QDLMIXM V11.0.19.0.QDLMIXM release-keys
• Bump Vendor Security Patch Level to 2021-05-01 as per daisy changes (V11.0.19.0.QDLMIXM)
• Match main and lockscreen status bar padding as per stock
• Increase padding for Notifications and QS panel
• Set GPU as default debug composition type
• Enable EGL HW Rendering
• Implement MagiskHide into vendor init
• Override build properties from vendor init
• Use build properties from Redfin (RQ3A.210605.005) release
• Include Redfin properties in makefile build
• Update nodes for Battery Health
• Address Battery Health SEPolicy denials

• Clean Flash mandatory
• Vanilla release
• Recomennded to use FlameGApps basic
• Banking apps working

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