Changelog Android 11

• Update FM Radio stack from LA.UM.9.6.2.r1-03600-89xx.0
• Add HAL interface definition for FM Radio
• Add new SEPolicy rules for FM Radio
• Restore Thermal 1.0 HAL
• Import prebuilt from MIUI V12.0.1.0 QFLCNXM
• Define Slow and Fast charging threshold
• Switch back to default shutdown time

Notes :
• Vanilla release, GApps not include
• Recommended to use FlameGApps with basic variant
• Clean Flash if you’re new user
• Dirty Flash if you come from previous release
• CTS/SafetyNet passed without root
• Banking apps working

Changelog Android 10

• Fixed night light
• Switched to new device sources
• Switched to stock kernel
• Added F2FS file system support
• Shipped with Google Camera Go with Night Mode + AUX Camera (2nd back camera) switching support
• Specify permissions for Google Camera Go app
• Include prebuilt ARM64 libraries of Google Camera Go
• Copy and from fw/av
• Import XML camera configuration files from stock
• Import display calibration data files from stock
• Import props from display calibration data files from stock
• Import SVI Config xml from stock
• Enable USB debugging at first boot
• Exclude CarrierConfig overlays from RRO’s
• Show correct device and model name as per boot cert
• Add Chinese variants of Redmi 7 to list
• Set dalvik-heap configurations based on RAM variant
• Enable config_avoidGfxAccel in overlay
• Enable smart charging and add nodes with permissions + add sepolicy rule
• Enable Battery Health and add sepolicy rule
• Add overlay for QS System Info
• Use same CPU temp node as per all other kernel managers
• Add FPS Info path, set permissions + add sepolicy rule
• Add nodes to hide Magisk in banking apps
• Enable BPF kernel support
• Make the UI smoother
• Avoid and don’t show vendor missmatch message
• Ignore the RSSNR level and inflate signal strength
• Set Wi-Fi interface to wlan0
• Restore better load balancing on boot
• Avoid drain issue from msm_irqbalance
• Adjust cpubw bwmon values
• Force background tasks on little cores
• Update mobile TCP buffers
• Improve scrolling responsiveness
• Add required GPU props
• Localise NTP to improve GPS TTFF
• Reduce LOWI debug level
• Disable Wi-Fi RX Wakelock feature
• Configure SQLite to operate in MEMORY mode
• Force triple frame buffers
• Enable Zygote Preforking usage
• Turn on GPU protected composition
• Kang walleye offsets for GPU composition
• Add energy-awareness service
• Update system properties to refined early phase offsets
• Import some props from coral to fixes related issues
• Disable VSync for CPU rendered apps
• Enable
• Switch media codecs and profiles from CAF of MSM8953
• Specify XML media settings path as per stock
• Copy media_codecs_google_video_le from fw/av
• Increase the Audio output a bit
• Filter and remap display modes
• Set config_multiColorBatteryLed to false
• Copy additional permissions which is available in stock
• Disable wallpaper zoom out
• Disable config_cleanupUnusedFingerprints
• Overwrite Bluetooth operating voltage to 3.7V
• Compile HWUI for better performance
• Enable config_sustainedPerformanceModeSupported
• Enable AOD (Always On Display) support
• Disable always on display by default
• Define slow and fast charging threshold- Import some props from MIUI V12.0.1.0 QFLCNXM

Notes :
• Vanilla release, GApps not include
• Recommended to use FlameGApps with basic variant
• CTS/SafetyNet dead. Use MagiskHide Props Config (Magisk Module, use Magisk v23) Select and use Google Pixel 4 XL fingerprint for fixes CTS/SafetyNet
• Clean flash needed for this release
• Clear Play Store data & cache, and reboot if Netflix not showing after use Pixel 4 XL fingerprint

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