Changelog Android 11

• October Security Patch
• Sync latest Lighting kernel
• Improved Status bar padding
• Fully fixed DT2W Random Reboot and screen flashing
• Fixed Audio Letancy and Improved it
• Added Apex Support
• Fully nuked Dirac, and MISound FX
• Improved WIFI Overlays, speed should be best.
• Nuked FM Radio
• Include New Keymaster HAL
• Use as many LLVM tools as possible
• Properly lebaled rootdir labels
• Add more Nodes to access suspend
• Grant More RW Permissions
• Use dexpreopt bits from guacamoleb tree
• Simplify AVB flag logic
• Addressed more sepolicy
• Fixed bootloop if you flash another kernel
• Use mlipay from CURTANA EEA Global V12.5.1.0.RJWEUXM

• Notes
• Thanks for all Contributors in world wide for commits
• Clean flash recommended if you come from 3.2
• Screen off Hold / Double Press torch isn’t working.

Changelog Android 10

• Initial Build
• Permissive

• Notes :
• First build based on my own tree. Took a lot of work, Tree is still in beta, would appricate if you report bugs.
• All hals/blobs that can be build from source, are build from source, no prebuilt.
• GCam GO Stock camera.
• Everything works so far by several testing.
• Thanks for perf kernel by Cosmic.

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