Changelog Android 11

• Initial build
• Shipped with Bloss-ShineLotus kernel

• Known bug :
• SELinux Permissive
• In rare times, phone might be seems like won’t turn on after long deepsleep, workaround for that is to click power button several times
until it wakeup (just don’t hold it and force reboot)
• Anything else? tell us with proper logs.

• Notes :
• Clean flash is mandatory (with format data) to avoid lockscreen bug.
• For Gapps selection on vanila build, use flamegapps basic or full variant, or NikGapps Core or Basic.
• Don’t flash another custom kernel for now to avoid small issues with performance and storage, in worst scenario it will lead to bootloop and lost data.
• Don’t flash PixelLauncher from Nikgapps, only install it from FlameGapps as from NikGapps ones is causing black screen after booted.
• Only use Gallerygo or Simple Gallery for changing header image customization.
• As always, thanks to Magicxavi for keeping up kenzo to stay on the line

Changelog Android 10

• Revert keystore blobs to Xperia X

Notes :
• Still based on same device tree as before, not the newer ones
• Clean flash & format data is needed, else you will facing lockscreen bug
• Still wants GcamGO? Download and install as usual from here :

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