Rhun is one of the smallest islands of the Banda Islands, which are a part of the Moluccas, Indonesia. It is located within Banda District (kecamatan) in Central Maluku Regency.

In 1616, fearing the Dutch, the natives of the island pledged their allegiance to the employees of English East India Company, who accepted it on behalf of the Crown. According to historian John Keay who considers Pulo Run as the genesis of the British Empire: “As the island of Runnymede is to British constitutional history, so the island of Run is to British imperial history”. In the 17th century, the tiny island of Run was of great economic importance because of the value of the spices nutmeg and mace.

Source : Wikipedia

Changelog Android 11

• October security patch android•11.0.0_r46
• Added clipboard toast toggle
• Added Nusantara themes
• Added Nusantara volume
• Added clear all icon opaque
• Added cloudflare DNS
• Added adguard DNS
• Added toogle disable battery light
• Added wake on plug toogle
• Added wakelock blocker
• Added alarm blocker
• Added increasing ring feature
• Added Sensor block per•package switch
• Added automated Sleep Mode
• Added option to disable performance control on gaming mode (depends on maintainer decision)
• Added option to disable gaming mode overlay
• Allow settings preferred refresh rate
• Disable all•caps for smart reply button text
• Fix battery saver layout
• Fix statusbar padding and layout for system icons
• Improvement power menu options
• Redesign packages installer based on dot 5.1 guidelines
• Updated Clock and Calculator from Android 12 Beta 5 (for gapps variant)
• Other fixes and improvements

Changelog Android 10

• October ASB

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