Let's move on to a lighter custom Android OS.
Proud to be made in Indonesia. From Nusantara for everyone.
Latest Source : v3.2 Revolution
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It's time to switch to AOSP which has proven to be lighter, faster, and without bloatware compared to the factory default OS.


Based AOSP which is known to be lightweight, clean, without bloatware, and smooth.


Nusantara Project gives users the option to choose variants that have installed Google Apps (GApps) or not installed (Vanilla)


In addition to prioritizing stabilization and performance, we’ve also added personalized features that you can customize however you like.


Without bloatware and useless applications will drive further performance on this ROM. Many users rate and choose our ROMs as their daily drivers, especially in gaming usage.

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Frequently Asked Questions
( FAQ )

Using a custom Android OS means agreeing to take all the risks if this happens. As the warranty on the device will be lost if you have successfully unlocked the Bootloader (UBL).

Basically all AOSP is safe. But when rooting the device, it is desirable to always monitor it using a third-party antivirus application if needed. Because the security of the device depends on the use of each user.

Yes, it’s 100% free at no cost. Make sure you download the official version on our website.

There are many ways to support it. Like giving donations that have been provided, disabling Adblock to display ads, clicking on visible ads. That way, you’ve supported the developers to finance the servers needed for updates.

To get the version according to your device, we must have maintainers who have the right device yours. Please be patient, especially for those outside the brands that are available above.

Vanilla is the term for a custom variant that does not have Google Play Services installed and there is no google application like Google Playstore. So, you can manually install it using a customized GApps provider such as NikGApps, BitGApps, GApps, FlameGApps, etc. File sizes are generally below 1GB.

While the GApps variant is a ready-to-use variant, there is no need to do manual installs like the vanilla variant. The file size that GApps has installed is generally above 1GB.